About Me

I am Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Origins at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado, where I have taught for fifteen years.  My central area of research in recent years has been the apostle Paul, about whom I have a new book, Paul Was Not A Christian (HarperOne, 2009).  You can email me at peisenbaum@iliff.edu.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello Pam, This is my first-ever blog comment. I did theology at Trinity College, Toronto, many years ago, though I’ve been back recently. I’m an Anglican priest in Canada and have just finished your “Paul was not a Christian”. I found it very stimulating and a well-written exploration, ending on a strong note for me: “…I have not here worked through the nuances of the text to argue my case … (but) it does require the reader to adopt a new paradigm.” When will we get more? Another author I’m waiting on is N.T. Wright, long expected to produce a major opus on Paul. I’ve also got Amy-Jill Levine’s, “The Misunderstood Jew”. I will dive in to her work on Jesus, after finishing Crossan and Reed’s “In Search of Paul”.

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